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Warning: This movie contains hard core XXX rated lesbian and heterosexual acts involving plastic pants

"Welcome To The Neighbourhood"
Total 55 mins playing time.

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Wendy surprises naked Mandy in her bedroom when she enters with her hands full of plastic pants.
The two girls rub plastic pants over their bodies and tongue kiss and caress.
Wendy puts a pair of plastic pants on Mandy then strips to show off the plastic pants she is wearing.
The hot and horny plastic pants sluts lick, kiss, caress and finger each other all over and through their plastic pants.
Then they pull out a couple of vibrators and fuck each other until they simultaneously have screaming orgasms. (..scroll down for more)

While they are cleaning up Wendy and Mandy discuss their new neighbour and decide to pop over and welcome him.
Meanwhile Rob has settled down in front of his computer to jerk off on a plastic pants porn movie.
He is shocked by a loud knock but quickly dresses and opens the door to find our two welcoming lesbian plastic pants lovers.
He invites them in and the girls notice his plastic pants peeking out above the waist of his jeans.
They decide he is quite a cute guy and can't keep their hands off him. Then they reveal they are still wearing their plastic pants.
Rob invites the girls upstairs to his bedroom where the real fun starts. Everyone strips of down to plastic pants.
Then an all in orgy where Rob is the center of attention.
He has his balls tickled through his plastic pants and his huge rock hard cock licked and stroked.
After what seems like ages the girls suck and tug him, making him cum inside his plastic pants.
What a fantastic welcome to the neighbourhood!

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